luiz celso gomes jr
Assistant Professor - Databases - UTFPR

| about me |

I'm an Assistant Professor at the Informatics Department of the Federal University of Technology (UTFPR). I'm a member of the ADA (Advanced Data Applications) research group at the university. My research interests are quite broad, but they all revolve around getting answers from data that won't give them up easily. I am currently working on graph data querying and complex networks, but fields like information retrieval, natural language processing and data mining are always somehow thrown in the mix. More about that further on this page, specially in the research section.

Outside the lab, I am a rock climber, an informal yoga teacher, and an eventual barefoot runner. I'd be up for anything outdoorsy. There is a hobbies section below as well.

My curriculum vitae

| research |

Connections permeate the world: from subatomic particles to heavenly bodies, from computers in the internet to synapses in the brain, from social insects to corporations. My research concerns finding better ways to store, manage, and, especially, query highly interconnected data. My ultimate goal is to enable database systems to tap into the rich information hidden under the topology of the relationships.

In my phd thesis, I proposed a framework for management of complex data, named CDMS (Complex Data Management System). It features a more expressive query language and extended relational algebra that allow graph-based aggregation. Thia allows the representation, combination and assessment of several complex network measurements for the queries. We are now working on architectural and interface aspects in the system.

Thesis defense slides


| publication |

Analyzing the Acoustic Urban Environment - A Geofencing-Centered Approach in the Curitiba Metropolitan Region - N. P. Kozievitch, L. Gomes-Jr, T. M. C. Gadda, K. V. O. Fonseca and M. Akbar - 5th International Conference on Smart Cities and Green ICT Systems, 2016

Beta-Algebra: Towards a Relational Algebra for Graph Analysis - L. Gomes-Jr, B. Amann and A. Santanche - GraphQ/EDBT 2015

The Web Within: Leveraging Web Standards and Graph Analysis to Enable Application-Level Integration of Institutional Data - L. Gomes-Jr and A. Santanche - Transactions on Large-Scale Data- and Knowledge-Centered Systems XIX 2015

Query-based inferences in the Complex Data Management System - L. Gomes-Jr, R. Jensen and A. Santanche - SLG/ICML 2013

Towards query model integration: topology-aware, IR-inspired metrics for declarative graph querying - L. Gomes-Jr, R. Jensen and A. Santanche - GraphQ/EDBT 2013

Attributing fuzzy values to nursing diagnoses and their elements: the specialists opinion. - R. Jensen, M. Cruz, L. Gomes-Jr, M. Lopes - International Journal of Nursing Knowledge, 2013

Information Extraction for BI - D. Barbosa, L. Gomes-Jr, and F. Tompa - Perspectives on Business Intelligence (book chapter) 2013

Sensor Data Publication on the Web for Scientific Applications - G. Pastorello-Jr, L. Gomes-Jr, C. Medeiros and A. Santanche - WEBIST 2008

A Framework to Process Complex Biodiversity Queries - J. Daltio, C. Medeiros, L. Gomes-Jr and T. Lewinsohn - ACM SAC 2008

Ecologically-aware Queries for Biodiversity Research - L. Gomes-Jr and C. Medeiros - GeoInfo 2007

An architecture for querying biodiversity repositories on the Web - L. Gomes-Jr - MSc Thesis 2007 (in portuguese)


| teaching |


Discrete Mathematics

Computers II


| hobbies |

I like outdoor activities, especially those involving contact with nature. I'm a rock climber, very fond of the mountains. I love traveling and I'm always looking for opportunities to hit the road. I've covered many miles backpacking and climbing through nice places, especially in the amazing South America.

Travel Pictures

I've been practicing yoga for several years. I lead yoga practices for friends twice a week. I cultivate an organic garden and have been a volunteer in the WOOFF program. Lately I have been studying and practicing photography.

Things Light Does (Flickr)

I read lots of things, but lately it has been mostly non-fiction. I really enjoy reading a book that attempts to answer interesting and non-trivial questions about the real world. I liked all of Malcolm Gladwell's books, most of James Gleick's and the Freakonomics series. I have been reading a lot about sustainability (Michael Pollan's, The One-Straw Revolution, The World Without Us, Rational Optimist, etc). I am very passionate about biology, especially neurology, and liked many related books (The Last Human, Why Zebras don't get Ulcers, The Accidental Mind, Mind Wide Open, etc). More recently, my readings have been mostly about the information revolution, its history and possible implications (The Information, The Singularity is Near, etc). And there are, of course, the many science-related classics (Sagan's, Dawkins', Gould's, Hawking's).


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